Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter

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Become a grill master in any weather with this stylish and contemporary Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter! Perfect for outdoor cooking throughout the seasons, this sturdy gazebo will give you top notch protection when using your BBQ.

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Unlimited BBQ Enjoyment with the Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter

Don’t let unpredictable weather stop you from enjoying your BBQ any longer! The Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter boasts all of the exceptional quality that you have come to expect from the Airwave range, boasting superior craftsmanship and materials to guarantee years of durability and usage. High quality powder coated steel legs provide top notch stability, lending a reassuring sturdiness to this stylish and modern-looking BBQ canopy. There is plenty of room inside this fantastic gazebo to shelter even the largest of BBQs and still have enough space to show off your culinary skills and expertise!

Health and safety is of the utmost priority with this gazebo canopy; the fire retardant roof is resistant to burning and effectively withstands the heat of your BBQ, giving you absolute peace of mind when cooking. The roof has also been designed with UV protection and water resistant features, thereby ensuring that your BBQ gazebo offers you optimum protection in all types of weather without any risk of fading.

The ultimate in outdoor entertaining, the many thoughtful additions of the Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter truly make it a multifunctional piece in your garden; glass bar tables are located on each side of the gazebo and can be used as extra storage space for your cooking utensils, a place to stand drinks and food, or as a general resting area for anything else that a master of the BBQ may need.

The sleek and contemporary Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter is, undeniably, an absolutely necessity for anyone who loves their BBQ and wants to make use of it year round. Exuding sophistication from every angle, this BBQ canopy looks amazing in all outdoor spaces from small patios to expansive gardens, making it a must-have for your next gathering. With a fantastic price tag to boot, invest in the Airwave BBQ Gazebo Shelter today. 

Key Features:

  • Sturdy structure
  • UV protection and water resistant
  • Powered coated steel frame
  • Glass bar tables
  • Fire retardant roof

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  • Fire Retardant Roof

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Why buy a Gazebo?

There are many reasons that you should buy a gazebo, especially when you take into account the unpredictability of the weather; you can use it as a shelter from hot sunshine, light drizzle or as a decoration to bring your garden to life for a special occasion. Before choosing your gazebo, there are some very important points to consider when you are browsing, such as what you need it for, how big you need it to be, and how much you are looking to spend. We have created a gazebo buying guide that includes these points and many more to help you make the right choice for you. Whether it is for large garden parties or intimate al fresco gatherings, we are sure that our range of quality gazebos will include the perfect one for you.

Gazebo or Parasol - which is better for me?

This all depends on its intended space and for what event you are using it. A parasol is a more frequent addition to your garden (although it should still be put away in winter to maintain its quality) and is better used to cover an outdoor seating area, whereas a gazebo is made for short term use and can be transported anywhere.

How do you build a Gazebo?

Gazebos are designed to be a temporary structure and should be taken down after every use. Luckily they are effectively designed for this; in fact, our pop up gazebo range has been designed to pop up quickly and easily so they should take no more than a few minutes to erect. The frame collapses on itself so there’s no need for any extra tools or fiddling around, you just attach the canopy and pull the frame out until it is secured into place – it’s that easy! If you’re still not convinced of how easy gazebos are to erect, watch our video that demonstrates how simple it is to assemble your Airwave Gazebo.

Where can I put my Gazebo?

A gazebo can be put on any level surface as long as it can be fully anchored to stop it from blowing away and moving around. If placed on a soft surface, you can use guy ropes and ground pegs to secure it into the ground; if you were to put the gazebo on concrete or decking, you need to use leg weights to provide anchorage, as well as using guy ropes for additional security.

Can a Gazebo withstand wind?

While gazebos are excellent protectors from most weather, you should be wary of heavy rain and wind. A little bit of wind should be fine but if it’s windy enough to fly a kite then it’s windy enough to fly your gazebo too. We would recommend taking it down in windy conditions to prevent breakage or causing damage to other property from being blown around. You should also avoid setting up if high winds are predicted and dismantle it overnight just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Are Gazebo canopies universal?

We would recommend that only our Airwave canopies and side panels are used on our Airwave gazebo frames; this will ensure that your gazebo will look and work its best. Third party coverings could have the incorrect fittings and lesser quality, turning your perfect gazebo into a perfect nightmare.

Will a Gazebo kill my grass?

In short, the answer is no. Due to the height of a gazebo, it won’t create enough darkness or pressure on the grass to cause it to die. As it isn’t a permanent structure, it shouldn’t be erected for long enough to cause any lasting damage to your grass.

Can I keep my Gazebo up?

A gazebo isn’t a permanent structure so we strongly advise that it is taken down after every use. If you were to leave it erected and the weather took a drastic change, you may be faced with a flying gazebo terrorising your neighbourhood. Save yourself the time from chasing it and the cost of a new one by taking the time to dismantle it after each use, at the end of the day, and before the arrival of adverse weather.

How do you clean a Gazebo?

To clean a gazebo all you need to do is give it a wipe with mild soapy water and a wet cloth or a wet wipe. Our gazebo canopies are water resistant and their frames are powder-coated so you don’t have to worry about water causing rust or damaging any of the components. You should make sure it is fully dry before putting it away to prevent mould or damp damage from trapped water.

Can you keep the canopy attached to the frame?

The canopy can be kept on the gazebo’s frame when you pack it away but it is not recommended. If you pack it away with it still attached and are transporting or moving the gazebo, you run the risk of damaging the canopy through the different parts moving around, even if they move very slightly. At the cost of only an extra couple of minutes to remove the canopy, you’d be silly to risk damaging it!

How long is the warranty on your Gazebos?

We cover our gazebos for 1 year from the date of purchase. This is a manufacturer’s warranty so it would not cover any faults or damages caused by wear and tear, weather conditions or when erected for long periods of time. It is important to note that gazebos should not be used as an additional outside room – and items positioned within the gazebo could be damaged if the gazebo is affected by weather conditions such as wind, rain or snow.