Airwave® Party Tent, 4x3, Beige

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A Party Tent that's perfect for small gatherings or events.

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With four side panels including two 'church' style window panels and two full length zippers, this spacious Airwave® Party Tent is perfect for gatherings and other outdoor events. A great all season product for protection from wet weather as well as shade from the sun. Our uniquely designed WindBars® is included to help prevent damage from side wind impact. Simply clip into and across the Party Tent frame for extra stability. The Tapered Pole Flaps can extend down from the canopy at each pole position to reduce wind gaps and hide poles. Excellent value for money, the beige party tent is easily assembled. Simply connect the Powder Coated Steel Tube Frame to the durable nylon connectors.

For additional rigidity to your Party Tent, our sets of four leg weights are ideal. Simply fill with sand or water and clamp round each leg of your Party Tent for extra support.

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Main frame uprights: Robust 32mm Dia steel tube. Roof Strutts: 25mm Dia. Size: 4x3x2.5m to the peak - Side opening head height 2m(6ft 6"). Supplied in one box - 20kgs. This product is designed for Garden and Leisure activities. We have no control over the weather or ground conditions when this item is setup. Therefore it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the assembly and anchoring of this product is sufficient. As with all other products of this nature this item is designed as a temporary structure and should not be left up overnight when heavy rain or winds could cause significant damage. Expressco Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred in this manner. We are not liable for any damage to contents you place inside. The 1 year Warranty is on manufacturing faults only.

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How do the sides attach?

The sides of the party tents are attached using Velcro tabs.

How many people are required to put up the party tent?

Instructions for assembly of the party tents are contained in the box. Failure to follow the instructions may result in broken parts. We recommend a minimum of 2 people to put up the smaller party tents and a minimum of 4 people to put up the larger party tents.

Is the Party Tent fire resistant?

No the Party Tent is not fire resistant.

Can I use the Party Tent on hard surface?

Yes you can put the party tent on a patio or some decking, however, these party tents do need to be firmly anchored to avoid possible damage to the product or surrounding areas. Please ensure sufficient anchoring to avoid the party tent catching in the wind. We highly recommend the use of a set of leg weights. Please note: We are not liable for damages caused by elements beyond our control such as the ground surface where the party tent is placed or for damages caused by the wind or weather conditions.

What is the material of the Party Tent like?

When you touch the Party Tent it feels like smooth plastic.

Can I use the Party Tent to extend the space of my home?

No, these party tents are designed as temporary structures which are put up and taken down after use. They are not designed to be used as permanent structures or as outdoor rooms or storage spaces.

Can I use this Party Tent for my business?

No, these party tents are not designed for commercial use. They are designed for garden and leisure activities.

If I break my Party Tent can I fix it?

We do not keep any spare parts and pieces for the Party Tents but if there are any broken or missing parts we can check with the Warehouse to see if we can replace them.